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Pia Oliveri


Pia is the owner and director of Wabi-Sabi Yoga and Wellness Center. She is an RYT 500 hr teacher and is currently enrolled in the Yoga Therapy program at the Soul of Yoga. Pia is also a Personal Trainer, Pilates and Barre instructor. With a background in nursing she has a unique perspective on how chronic diseases can affect the body and on specific strategies to live a healthy life.


Yoga & Fitness Instructor

I found yoga over 10 years ago and I immediately fell in love with the overall body conditioning it provided. Then I found Barre and fell in love with everything about it as well. I received my Barre training from Barre Intensity and Lifer Fitness in West Hartford, CT. The combination of doing yoga and Barre classes brought strength, flexibility and fun back into my life. I received my 200 YTT and 300 YTT from The Yoga Shop in West Hartford, CT. I am also certified in Chair and Restorative yoga.

Cheryl Pacyna

Yoga Teacher

Cheryl Pacyna is a retired school psychologist. She first became enamored of yoga when a colleague arranged for a yoga teacher to hold classes after school. She was immediately hooked on the release of stress the practice provided. As her practice progressed and her strength and mobility improved she decided it was time to deepen her practice by training to teach yoga. She completed her 200 hour initial teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, training with Yoganand Michael Carroll and Coby Kozlowski. She completed an additional 300 hours of advanced asana training as well as training leading meditation, pranayama, restorative yoga, and chair yoga classes. She enjoys teaching classes that are mindful and accessible to everybody.

Maria del Carmen Rodriguez

Sound Healing Practitioner

Maria del Carmen Rodriguez is a resident of Windsor, CT. She is Certified in Sound Healing, a Practitioner of Sound Therapies, a Practitioner of Vibrational Therapies, a Doctoral Student of Metaphysical Science in Natural Medicine, Co-founder of SoulCare Love, LLC, and a resident Sound Healing Facilitator at Wabi-Sabi Yoga & Wellness, LP Wilson Community Center, and at 116 in MA.

Maria del Carmen brings her lived experience of sound therapy embedded from her childhood and her extensive training and certifications in sound healing from reputable institutions into her overall practice. After building her skills, Maria del Carmen currently facilitates sound healing sessions in a variety of venues from non-profit organizations, corporations, universities, yoga studios, assisted living centers, community centers, conferences, large public group settings to small private groups, individual sessions, and special events. In 2023 she was invited to provide a sound healing session at The Shift Network, a global stage with the world-renowned holistic healers and practitioners.

In her sound healing sessions, Maria del Carmen utilizes a variety of instruments, carefully selected to create a harmonious and therapeutic environment. She tailors each session to the unique needs and preferences of her clients, allowing for a personalized and deeply transformative experience. For more information or to book a session in your area, please contact,

Timothy Mayock

Yoga Teacher

Tim started his yoga journey 25 years ago with the intent to find relief from chronic pain. Tim says “Yoga has been a great tool and has taught me so much about my body and mind.” As a musician Tim finds that yoga and music practice intertwine. Tim approaches both with an attitude of "show up and let go of the results". Yoga helps with the contortions of daily music practice and singing helps to become more aware of breath and letting go of tension. Tim has done over 2000 classes with multiple teachers. He did a 250 hour yoga teacher training at Dhira yoga.

“My aim is to teach students about the mental benefits of yoga. I let them know that yoga can be similar to going to the beach in calming your thoughts. The challenge is yours to define and it never pays to push anything too much. The perfect pose is less important than the body's ability to find what works best – using props or just staying in an unsupported version of a posture.” His approach is lighthearted, yet purposeful.

Jason Beauregard

Yoga Teacher

I am a father, educator, yogi, shamanic practitioner, mystic , occultist, and musician residing in CT. When I am not in the studio or teaching public school, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my wife and kids, listening to music, skateboarding, hiking, meditation, studying classical tantra, and reading everything I can get my paws on. I hold a BS in Secondary Education, a MA in Gothic Literature and Writing, and am a proud RYT 200.

Mike Riley

Artistic Director/Master Meditation & Yoga Facilitator

Michael Riley (Coolbreez) is a USAF Veteran and a resident of Bloomfield, CT. He is a Certified Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans teacher. 200-Hour Embodyoga teacher, and a 200-Hour Kripalu certified teacher. Michael has also completed 150 hours at Mindful Yoga Therapy for Veterans with Adaptive Practices. After the completion of his 300 hours of advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Kripalu School of Yoga Michael has the designated title of now being 500-Hour Kripalu Yoga Teacher. Michael teaches our Meditation and Pranayama classes at Wabi-Sabi. You may contact the studio about private lessons.

Irene Hilbert

Reiki Practitioner

I received a Master of Education and have taught in the classroom in NYC and Windsor for over thirty years.

In 2014 I became certified in Reiki and have practiced reiki for 8 years. I sought out reiki to cope with the side effects of breast cancer.

Some of the benefits of reiki are:

It can stimulate the immune system.
It can help relieve stress and anxiety.
It can promote self healing and elevate pain.
It can improve sleep.

I continue to get support in reiki as a member of Andrea Fraiser’s Shine Tribe, an online group that supports reiki practitioners.

Currently I have my own paint party business. I can be reached at


Yoga Teacher